Accounting in the cloud

Working in the cloud is safe and easy. There’s no need to install anything on your desktop or have to go through long updates. Just start off right away! Make savings on your IT costs and you’re probably wondering why you have not started doing accountancy in the cloud already.
Online accounting

  A mobile office

Working wherever and when you want. Use alice fully with your smartphone and directly communicate with a customer. Look at your financial situation on the go or create a report with a single click. You could even send invoices from you tablet while chilling on your couch in the evening. Doesn’t that sound great!

 Quick start

Starting with Alice Bookkeeping is easy. Sign up, log in and … that’s it ready to go! Any Questions? Online help is available 24/7, while our support team is ready to answer your questions during office hours. Switching accountancy package? Pick up where you left off with our Switching service. We also have specific implementation packages available to make it even more smoothly.

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