Alice for Accountants

The best insights in client's company processes

Automation is key to success

Reduce your client’s stress and help them get the most out of their business. Automation isn’t something you can ignore nowadays. When it comes to deciding which software to use, most business owners get their accountants involved. With Alice accounting  software you can help your clients automate and help them with the tools to achieve even greater success in the future. Important is that when doing so, you can offer your clients valuable advice using their data and give brilliant advice just when they need it.

Best practices for consultancy services

Consultancy advice for accounting

Advice for consultancy services

  • Check to see if you can reduce your clients administrative load with Alice.
  • Plan a meeting to minimise the Days Sales outstanding.
  • Research and explain how your client can increase their cash flow.
  • Explain the role of a customer relation within your client’s business.

Consultancy advice for Insights

Advice for consultancy services

  • Explain to your client which information they can use based on the financial dashboards.
  • Discuss the role of customer relations within your client’s business.
  • Help your client increase revenue and save costs
  • Show your client how to make their invoices more professional.
  • Help your client how they can generate for example a balance sheet, and what it means for them.

Consultancy advice for Billing and invoices

Advice for consultancy services

  • Research how to increase the clients percentage of billable hours.
  • Discuss the advantages of weekly invoicing as opposed to monthly invoicing.
  • Crosscheck your client’s hourly rate with that of the competition.
  • Determine how your client can achieve more insight into activities with alternate hours.

Some great features we have in store for your clients


Income, expenses, outstanding invoices, key business financials are immediatly visible on your Dashboard as soon as you sign in.

Work with your accountant.

Your accountant can with your permission access your records from anywhere, anytime (for free!). It’s a simpler way to collaborate with your accountant.

Fast reporting.

See live how your business is performing. You can quickly see your profit & loss, balance sheet, and dozens of other reports. It’s time to impress your accountant.

Receipt Recognition.

Stay organized and never lose a receipt again. Snap a photo of your receipt and alice immediatly digitalizes the receipt and does the booking for you.

Professional Invoicing

Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that reflect your business and your brand.

Take Control of cash flow.

Keep track who still needs to pay you, how much, and when their payment is due. Alice can also automate the reminder cycle so you dont have to worry about that either.

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