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Alice Support

The purchase of Alice software is just the beginning. We’re committed to supporting you, taking care of you and offering insights and advice wherever we can, based on our experiences delivering and supporting software across all industries and sectors. We are committed to the long term, our service goes through a six stage cycle for the best possible support. Whichever phase of the journey you and your business are in. Our support team makes sure that your issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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1. Analyzing

We start together by looking with you at your situation. Your wishes and needs determine the direction the solution take. Efficient use of your time is our priority.

2. Advise

Once the solution is clear, we advise you on how the resolution can come together, ensuring the steps to be taken and the timeline is crystal clear.

3. Implementation

This is where we turn the plan into a working solution, focusing on maximizing speed and minimizing costs.

4. Aftercare

We build up a detailed overview of the former situation and your organization. This helps us to assist you quickly and effectively when you face an issue in your daily use of the software. Our services can also be extended with a diverse range of world-class support SLAs.

5. Education

Our focus is on making sure your people are trained and confident to get the most out of your Alice solutions. There are online, in-company and off-site training possibilities available.

6. Optimization

We give proactive advice on how your processes can be optimized for efficiency. This can be by implementing new functionality a new analysis phase can sometimes offer additional value.